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Many diets promise weight loss, but if your priority is to prevent major chronic illnesses, the choices narrow. Only a handful are backed by extensive scientific evidence for health benefits of primary interest to men, like controlling blood pressure and preventing heart attacks and strokes.


Healthy diet swaps

It's wise to transition gradually to a new style of eating. Here are some suggestions for ways to adopt a healthier eating style: 

  • Sauté vegetables, poultry, or fish in olive oil, not butter.

  • Toss a small handful of nuts, diced fruit, or cooked and chilled whole grain into garden salads.

  • Drizzle extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice over salads.

  • Stir a handful or two of green leafy vegetables like kale or Swiss chard into pasta sauces.

  • Mix white rice with bulgur wheat or quinoa.

  • Snack on carrot, celery, or sliced pepper sticks instead of pretzels or chips.

  • Replace half of your refined semolina pasta with whole-grain pasta.

  • Use whole-wheat tortillas to make roll-up sandwiches.

  • Try hummus spread instead of mayonnaise on your sandwich.

  • Eat fresh sliced fruit with meals and save sweet desserts as a restaurant treat.

You would need to meet our dietician to have a customized / individualized plan as per your body needs. Please contact us for further information on which diet would be the most suited for you.